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Gem Residences Urban Farming and Edible Garden

Urban Farming and Edible Garden

Urban farming and edible garden If you haven’t jump on the bandwagon, it’s time to start. Growing your own garden has countless documented benefits from it’s therapeutic qualities of self-sufficiency and mindfulness. And there’s nothing like eating pesto made with basil you grew, or adorning cocktails with freshly plucked mint. The dedicated urban farming plots […]
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Gem Residences Pet Run

Pet Run

Pet run Give your pooches a good stretch for their legs and find other pet-lovers in Gem Residences while they do.
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Gem Residences Pet Pool

Pet Pool

Pet pool Here’s an even better way to give your pets some exercise: the pool. Not just perfect for sweltering days and introducing your pooches to a new environment, it’s also a great place for making new friends, both for your pet(s) and you.
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Gem Residences Heroes

Gem Residences Heroes

Introducing The Gem Residences Heroes
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Gem Residences On-Demand House Keeping Service

On-Demand Housekeeping Service

On-demand housekeeping service We want to help you keep the well designed products within Gem Residences clean and maintained. Which means we have trusted housekeeping services at service whenever you need it.
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Gem Residences Parcel Locker System

Parcel Locker System

Parcel locker system Here at Gem Residences, there’s no worry of not being home for deliveries. Secured lockers are exclusive for residents and only accessible via the Resident’s Pass. So go ahead and shop even if you’re overseas.
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Gem Residences Baking Demos

Baking Demos

Baking Demos Pick up new skills and tips with the baking demos at the fully-equipped gourmet kitchen in the clubhouse. It’s also a great time to exchange recipe with fellow baking enthusiasts and try their bakes.
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Gem Residences Aqua Zumba Lessons

Aqua Zumba Lessons

Aqua Zumba classes Low in impact but high in energy, this class gives all the benefits of aerobics fun without stressing your joints out. Water resistence also makes you work harder, but you probably won’t even feel it.
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Gem Residences GP Visits and Consultation

GP Visits and Consultations

GP visits and consultations Enjoy scheduled visits by a licenced GP right at Gem Residences for your regular health assessments and medical consultations. We also partner with Tetsuyu Home Care which bring two decades of expertise from Tokyo to better lives through an integrated high-tech system to ensure consistent service.
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Gem Residences 50m Lap Pool and Salt Water Jacuzzi

50m Lap Pool and Salt Water Jacuzzi

50m lap pool and salt water jacuzzi It isn’t easy to find a full 50m swimming lap pool but Gem Residences has done it. Even better is the salt water jacuzzi for a well deserved soak and unwind after a long swim.